Eco Alliances: Hale Wharf project team unites for nature conservation

11.12.23 2 min read by Iona MacRury

We recently joined forces with McLaren Construction and Stace LLP for a day of impactful volunteering at The Paddock, a serene nature reserve nestled in Tottenham Hale next door to our Hale Wharf neighbourhood.

With 14 dedicated volunteers, we embarked on a mission to enhance the reserve’s natural beauty and accessibility. The group spent the day clearing pathways, expertly trimming back bushes, brambles, and coarse grasses, harnessing these materials to create sustainable hedge rows.

This collaborative effort not only highlights the commitment of these companies to community engagement but also underscores the power of teamwork in cultivating positive change.

Clearing pathways at The Paddock, Tottenham Hale

At the heart of urban development, Hale Wharf stands as a testament to innovation and community integration.

A noteworthy feature of Hale Wharf is the installation of a strategically placed bridge over the river, seamlessly connecting the project to the adjacent nature reserve. This thoughtful addition not only enhances accessibility but also fosters a harmonious relationship between urban development and nature.

Iona MacRury and Emma Coomber from Muse with Anna Pole from The Conservation Volunteers

Our commitment to creating sustainable and interconnected spaces is vividly showcased through this bridge, providing residents and visitors alike with a scenic pathway to escape and immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the green surroundings.

Hale Wharf exemplifies how thoughtful infrastructure can bridge the gap between urban progress and the preservation of natural landscapes, ultimately creating a more holistic and inviting community environment.

The volunteers cutting back hedge rows

The Paddock Community nature reserve lies on the very edge of Tottenham and has been developed as a haven of calm for birds, trees, flowers and human beings! The result is woodland, crammed with hawthorn, elder, buddleia, wild geraniums, purple flowering comfrey, white daises and pink dog roses.

The site has been in a state of disrepair for several years, but The Conservation Volunteers were appointed to manage the site from November 2020, so the site is going from strength to strength. The site now has two full time members of staff that carry out practical management, surveying, and engage local residents.

Jamie Howlett from McLaren Construction with Chris Coxall from Muse

Chris Coxall, said:

“It was lovely to see the passion and enthusiasm these conservationists have for what they do, restoring green spaces, protecting wildlife and nature, and bringing life back to forgotten waste land to be used by the people in the local area. We are truly honoured to be a part of this fantastic project which will connect local people to new, safe, open green space for them to enjoy.”

Hale Wharf, is a Waterside Places project, in partnership with the Canal & River Trust and is due to complete in August 2024.

The volunteers standing in front of Hale Wharf in Tottenham Hale

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